Frequent Answers and Questions

1.How can I create a list?

– To add cards on the site, you MUST create a list with a name
-Select MY LISTS from the menu
-Click on the buttom “Create a new new Wishlist”
-Choose a name for your list. Recommended to use YOUR name on it so people know who’s lists belongs to.




2. How can I add a card to my list?

-Go to the menu CARDS or USA cards
-A list of cards will be shown and you can add it very easily.
-Click on ” ADD TO YOUR LIST”
– A popup window will open and you can choose the list you want.



3. I have all cards from a certain country, can I add all at once on my collection list? Or add All cards from that country to my wishlist?

-Yes. Press the buttom on top of the Country page “ADD ALL CARDS TO YOUR LIST”

4. How can I remove a card from a list If I add by accident?

-Go to the list page and a buttom to Remove the card will be below every card.
-Unfortunetely you cannot remove many cards at once, it has to be one by one.

5. Can I add the same card in many lists?

– Yes. You can add once, refrest the page, and the buttom to add again will be active.

6. If I added a card and by accident I add again to the same list, will be it duplicate?

– No. A card can only be added once in each list and a message will be shown you already have the card in the list.


1. If I forget to pay one month, my list will be deleted?

– No. Your list will be blocked and you wont be able to add anymore cards.

2. Can I change my membership from Gold to Green after one month?

-Yes. However, you will only be able to have USA cards in your list. Cards from other countries will be removed.

3. If I forget to pay, how long until my account to be blocked?

– The system will attempt to get paid 3 times thru paypal. If you don’t pay, your account will be blocked.

4. Can I cancel my membership anytime?

– Yes, however, the amount already paid won’t be refunded. Once is paid, is paid.

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